ANIPLANT is an independent membership organization dedicated to the protection of animals. ANIPLANT is a non-government organization. They do not receive any help from the Cuban government. ANIPLANT is officially recognized by the Cuban government, which is important because Cuban law permits only one organization to function in each field of endeavor. Thus, ANIPLANT is the only animal protection organization legally permitted to function in Cuba. They depend on donated funds and supplies in order to operate.  

Who we support in Cuba


Calle Príncipe No. 128 entre Espada y Hospital,  Centro Habana,  Ciudad de la Habana,  Cuba.   

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Nora García Perez
​President of ANIPLANT, Nora has led ANIPLANT for almost 30 years. She is known around Cuba because of her efforts to educate the public on animal care and welfare. Nora has been an animal advocate her entire life. When her parents died, she was raised by María Álvarez Ríos, a famous Cuban entertainer. Together, they volunteered to help the animals of Havana. In 1987, Nora joined a movement to protect the animals, and in 1992 became president of the association which became ANIPLANT. Nora has many connections in the Cuban community, and in the animal protection field around the world.