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Currently, TAP is unable to send medications for sterilizations to Cuba. Therefore, we decided to stop accepting financial donations at this time.

We hope this is a temporary situation, and we will let you know when our supply channels are re-opened. Until then, if you are planning a trip to Cuba and wish to help, please write to us for a list of always-needed items. The animals need us, no matter what the politics or travel restrictions permit.

Please know that we appreciate all of you who care so deeply for the animals of Cuba. We will update everyone as new information becomes available. 

Thank you, Carol, Betsy, Dr. Marty, Diana, Tracy

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TAP Animal Project

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Travelers to some countries come away with bad memories of seeing stray dogs and cats suffering on the streets.  TAP Animal Project works to reduce this sight in Cuba.  The single biggest factor in reducing stray animals is sterilization. One pair of unaltered adult dogs or cats can produce an astonishing number of offspring in a very short time. Most Cuban families can handle one or two pets, but they cannot support litters of puppies or kittens in addition. Sadly, many dogs and cats end up fending for themselves. They roam the streets looking for food, water, and safe places to sleep, or give birth. Street animals very often suffer from malnutrition, mange, parasites, broken bones, and abuse. 

Periodically, animals are collected from the streets by Zoonosis. Dogs are grabbed by a hind-leg and tossed into a metal bin, like trash. They are taken to a city pound, where most are held for a week. They are not fed during this time. If no one comes for them, they are given poisoned food. It is a painful, unfair end to their lives.  

Sterilization is the only effective way to humanely reduce the overpopulation of homeless animals. TAP Animal Project is committed to expanding spay-neuter programs in Cuba--educating pet owners to sterilize their dogs and cats, and providing supplies for clinics and trap-neuter-release programs.  Annually, TAP Animal Project has helped Cuba sterilize 5,000 animals--preventing an estimated 25,000 new unwanted animals each year. With your help, we can do more.