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Ashley Sayers rescued Cuba in 2010.  Read about it in the Durham Region.  

ANIPLANT Havana Times Nora Garcia
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Humane Society's AllAnimals March/April 2016: Caring for Cuba, interview with Les Inglis.  For reprints:

ANIPLANT featured in Cuba in October, 2015.   

The Aniplant Project's March 2016 newsletter featured in Havana Live.

In the News 

Douglas Adams and Matt Beaugrand rescue a dumpster kitten from Havana.  Reported in NY Daily News, December 7, 2015.

Animal Welfare in Cuba, April 8, 2015 by Carol Fletcher

animal welfare cuba carol fletcher

From the Havana Times, June, 2010:  

A Drop in the Ocean, interview with Nora García

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