Currently, TAP is unable to send medications for sterilizations to Cuba. Therefore, we decided to stop accepting financial donations at this time.

We hope this is a temporary situation, and we will let you know when our supply channels are re-opened. Until then, if you are planning a trip to Cuba and wish to help, please write to us for a list of always-needed items. The animals need us, no matter what the politics or travel restrictions permit.

Please know that we appreciate all of you who care so deeply for the animals of Cuba. We will update everyone as new information becomes available. 

Thank you, Carol, Betsy, Dr. Marty, Diana, Tracy

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​How to Help 

In many parts of the world, there are great needs in the animal protection field.  Often a severe lack of education exacerbates the problem. In Cuba, the population is generally quite well-educated, and college is available to nearly all. So education and a genuine love of animals are not issues in Cuba. The country has many well-educated veterinarians, just as its medical establishment is well-respected.  The problem is that no one has much economic power. And there is a severe lack of resources due to the U.S. embargo of Cuba.   When you consider that $300 will employ a fully-qualified veterinarian for a year, even very modest donations can do much good for the animals in Cuba.  TAP Animal Project supports sterilization and the supplying of basic veterinary resources in Cuba with your donations.  

Many animals in Cuba suffer from easily preventable and treatable health issues: hunger, mange, and general injuries. Because of donated supplies through TAP Animal Project supporters, thousands of animals receive flea/tick and mange medications. Veterinarians often use recently out-of-date medicines to treat animals since resources are so limited. ANIPLANT gladly accepts recently out-dated medicines. If you are planning a visit to Cuba, please check with your veterinarian and ask for a donation of medications or other supplies to carry with you to ANIPLANT or other veterinarians.  Please--only medications that are less than 6 months "expired" are accepted. TAP Animal Project keeps an up-to-date wish list of items needed most.  Please write to us at for the most current list and for information about packing.

Another way to help the Cuban animals is though direct remittances of money to Cuba. This method is somewhat more complicated in the United States where the embargo chokes off necessities reaching Cuba. But it is possible. If you are in the USA and interested in personally sending money directly to Cuba via a non-family remittance, please write to TAP for more information.   Keep in mind that whatever we can do here in the U.S., can be done much easier in Europe, Canada, and Australia where no such embargo exists.  We hold hope that the U.S. embargo of Cuba will soon end and life will improve for everyone on both sides of the Florida Straits.  

Donations to TAP Animal Project provide critically-needed resources for sterilization clinics, mange/parasite treatments, and other animal health care needs. 

You can write to us at:

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